60 Inch Cast Iron Rolled Rim Copper Bronze Clawfoot Tub Wall Holes – RR61

Rolled Rim, Clawfoot, Cast Iron Tub,Rolled Rim, Clawfoot, Cast Iron Tub,

RR61-CB, Bathtub Wall Holes


This 60" is a classic cast iron clawfoot bathtub. The copper bronze finish is applied to the exterior of the tub. The style is known as a "rolled rim," or "rolled top," bathtub. It is a lovely vintage clawfoot tub design which allows for classic design, even when floor space is limited. This 30" by 60" rolled rim clawfoot bathtub will offer your compact bathroom timeless elegance that only a cast iron rolled rim tub can easily bring. This bathtub comes with 3 3/8" center bathtub wall Faucet Holes. Clawfeet are in rich Oil Rubbed Bronze.

To View or Download: Tub Schematic
To View or Download: Clawfoot Installation

Cast-Iron Rolled Rim Clawfoot Tub 60" X 30" with 3 3/8" Bathtub Wall Faucet Drillings and Clawfeet:

  • Smooth Porcelain Interior
  • White Porcelain Interior
  • Copper Bronze Finish
  • Hand Painted Exterior
  • 32 Gallons of water capacity
  • Easy to Clean
  • Heavy-Duty Cast Iron
  • Durable Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Pristine White Interior
  • Rolled Rim Tub
  • Ball & Claw Feet
  • Actual Dimensions: 60" L x 30 1/8" W x 23 3/4" H
  • Overflow Hole is 15inches
  • 3 3/8" Bathtub Wall Faucet Holes
  • Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub Design
  • Cast Iron Tub Construction
  • Full Manufacturers Warranty

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Additional information

Weight 325 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 25 in
Faucet Holes

Bathtub Wall Holes

Foot Finish

Oil Rubbed Bronze