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Find Great Products To Sell Online

If you are a budding entrepreneur this guide will help you to make intelligent decisions when choosing products to sell in your online store. Whether you’re working with a manufacturer or a wholesaler, here are some basic tips to help get started: Find a manufacturer or wholesaler that offers your product: The first step is…
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Something NEW

Customers are loving our new Scorched Platinum Finish on the exterior of any of our Cambridge Plumbing Tubs. The silvery finish is perfect for today's high fashion homes.
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Keep Cast Iron Tubs Looking New

There are many fine cleaning products on the market and here is one that deserves a mention.  The Kohler Cast Iron Cleaner is a great product which will eliminate stains and minimize scratches. Simple Process Just clean and rinse the tub with some baking soda and vinegar to remove any soap scum, then apply a small…
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