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Choose the Perfect Clawfoot Tub for Your Home

There is a neverending debate between those who shower and those who bathe. Many who shower, express their love of the water flowing over the body as they stand under the steady stream. [caption id="attachment_5937" align="alignleft" width="300"] Rolled Rim Clawfoot Tub[/caption] However, those who choose to regularly soak in a bathtub have discovered the health…
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Artistic Finishes Increase Sales

In the past you could have any color bathtub you wanted as long as it was white!  OK, maybe that is a play on an old Henry Ford comment about his cars, but it was essentially true. Bathtubs came in one color and one color only - WHITE! Modern technology has changed all of that. Bathtubs…
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Three Finishes Dominate the Plumbing Market

  Over the past several years, one plumbing finish, chrome, has been the dominate one for faucets and other fixtures in the bathroom. The polished finish is shiny and very attractive to many homeowners (and business owners too). Many other finishes are now available for bathtub and bathroom sink faucets, vanity faucets, bathtub plumbing fixtures…
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