Three Finishes Dominate the Plumbing Market


Over the past several years, one plumbing finish, chrome, has been the dominate one for faucets and other fixtures in the bathroom. The polished finish is shiny and very attractive to many homeowners (and business owners too).

Many other finishes are now available for bathtub and bathroom sink faucets, vanity faucets, bathtub plumbing fixtures and other necessary plumbing fixtures. However, three finishes are the most-popular of all finishes - Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

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Brushed Nickel is Very Popular

Brushed Nickel probably enjoys a slight lead in the popularity race, but all three of these finishes are widely valued by those who have recently done work on their bathroom, new construction, and even for kitchen plumbing.

As you make your choice for what finish you will choose, remember the three most-popular finishes. You can be sure of a great look with any of them.

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Chrome is still one of the top finishes.

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