Artistic Finishes Increase Sales

In the past you could have any color bathtub you wanted as long as it was white!  OK, maybe that is a play on an old Henry Ford comment about his cars, but it was essentially true. Bathtubs came in one color and one color only - WHITE!

Modern technology has changed all of that. Bathtubs were available in beige, white, black, and a few other colors going back a few decades as materials were colored and then formed into bathtubs. This was especially true of acrylic tubs and some others.

double slipper, pedestal tub, freestanding tub, copper bronze tub,

Today, however, you can get a bathtub in almost any color or design that you want. It is not necessary to change the color of the base material anymore. You can actually paint the exterior of the bathtub to fit the desire of the customer.

With the advances in new pigments and paints, we can now give the customer almost any color bathtub they want. This adds a dimension that appeals to a wide variety of people and it also gives businesses a chance to up-sell the customer and earn a higher profit margin.

Consider adding this new dimension for your customers. It is sure to add a higher level of satisfaction and it will set your business apart from the competition. To quote another famous business you can now "have it your way" with your bathtub!


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